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5-Star Furnaces and Installation from Evans - Niagara Region

We all know just how cold and harsh our Ontario winters can be, which is why reliable heating is a must for survival. Home furnaces that are aging or seem to need repairs constantly may not be the best idea for the cold weather ahead. You don’t want to risk a shutdown when it’s freezing outside! Luckily, the licensed and experienced team at Evans can install an energy efficient, new furnace in Niagara Falls and the surrounding areas to keep you reliably warm and cozy. We are proud to offer high quality furnaces manufactured by Lennox.

Keeping You Comfortable Since 1967

Get Multiple Benefits From Our Furnaces

  • Modern furnaces may actually save you up to 50% on usage costs when compared to a furnace that’s older than 10 years. Their AFUE ratings, or annual fuel utilization efficiency ratings, are generally much higher. AFUE is basically the amount of fuel that is successfully converted to heat within a one year period. Some of our models even push up to 97% AFUE! More efficiency usually results in you paying less on your energy bills.
  • Many modern furnaces come with a multi-speed function that works to progressively and slowly bring up the heat to your chosen thermostat setting instead of simply starting off at full speed. This will make the system less noisy and will also more evenly distribute warm air in your home’s space.

Get the Right Type of Furnace For Your Home

Gas Furnaces

Economical and efficient, this type of furnace uses natural gas to create warmed air. They are very effective at evenly heating your home.

Electric Furnaces

These furnaces push air through and around electric coils to generate heated air. These are generally smaller than other furnaces and the standard option if gas or oil is not practical for your home.

Trust Evans For Your New, High Quality Furnace!

Whenever you need a newer, more efficient furnace to keep your family cozy on cold Ontario nights, call Evans at 905-354-4424 for a furnace installation consultation! Our team is fully trained to assess your home’s unique requirements and install the right furnace for your home. We are also here for your future furnace repairs and maintenance.

Why Customers Choose Evans:

  • Family owned & operated.
  • Friendly, licensed technicians.
  • We have served the Niagara Region for over 50 years.
  • Every furnace installation comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.