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Fireplace Installation In The Niagara Area

Whether you prefer sleek modern lines or rustic warmth for your living space, most of us can agree a fireplace adds charm and appeal to any room. Evans Heating & Cooling provides a variety of fireplace options to improve the environment of your living spaces in Niagara Falls, Fonthill, St. Catharines and the surrounding area. We specialize in options are both energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Simply visit our showroom to see how a fireplace from Evans can enhance your home.

Keeping You Comfortable Since 1967
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Is it worth it to install a fireplace?

Installing a fireplace can be worth it depending on your preferences and circumstances. Fireplaces offer aesthetic appeal, warmth, and can create a cozy atmosphere in your home. They can also increase property value. However, they require ongoing maintenance, can be costly to install, and may not be energy-efficient. Consider factors like climate, budget, and your heating needs. If you value the ambiance and are willing to invest in maintenance, a fireplace can be a valuable addition. Otherwise, alternative heating options may be more cost-effective.

Can you add a fireplace to a house without a chimney?

Yes, you can add a fireplace to a house without a traditional chimney by using alternative venting options like ventless or direct vent gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, or ethanol fireplaces. Ventless gas fireplaces are a popular choice as they don't require a chimney, but they do need proper ventilation and safety precautions. Electric fireplaces and ethanol fireplaces are easier to install and don't need vents, making them versatile options for homes without chimneys. Consulting with a fireplace professional can help you choose the best fireplace type for your needs and space.

Fireplaces Of All Shapes & Sizes

No matter what your aesthetic is, Evans has a fireplace that suits it.

Let Evans Help You Find The Perfect Fireplace Option

When you have a fireplace installed by Evans Heating & Cooling, you can rest easy knowing it will last a long time and perform perfectly. There are many reasons that our customers in the Niagara area choose us for the comfort results they want, including:

  • A written guarantee for 100% satisfaction.
  • Carefully selected, professional staff.
  • Dedication to delivering you the best product and service we can.
  • A large, physical fireplace gallery—Check our showroom out in person!

Call us today about our fireplaces styles at 905-354-4424.

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