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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance For Your Niagara Falls, ON Home

Are you ready for the long summer months? Is your air conditioning system? With regular air conditioning maintenance from Evans Heating & Cooling, you can be sure it is.

Since 1967, Evans Heating & Cooling has been the industry leader in the greater Niagara Falls region for all of your HVAC needs. This includes air conditioning installation and repair, as well as routine Air Conditioner maintenance.

Keeping You Comfortable Since 1967
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Air Conditioning Maintenance FAQs

What is involved in HVAC maintenance?

Our HVAC maintenance services is a thorough checklist of items that we inspect, clean and maintain in order for the unit to run smoothly all year long.

How often should heating and cooling systems be serviced?

A heating and cooling system should be serviced twice a year. It should be serviced:

  • Once for the heating system in the fall before the temperature gets cold
  • Once for the cooling system in the spring before the temperature rises
Are HVAC maintenance plans worth it?

Studies have shown that HVAC maintenance is very worth the money for the following reasons:

  • It wards off future repairs and possible costly breakdowns
  • A well maintained unit runs more efficiently and will save money on energy bills
  • It lengthens the lifespan of the HVAC so replacement won’t be necessary for a while to come
How long does HVAC maintenance take?

A proper HVAC maintenance service generally lasts 1 - 2 hours. 

For more information on our maintenance services or Comfort Club Membership, contact Evans Heating & Cooling today!

How much does HVAC maintenance cost in Canada?

In Canada, the cost for a standard HVAC maintenance service typically ranges between $100 and $300. This estimate can vary based on several factors such as the type of system, its age and condition, and the complexity of the system. Services during a maintenance visit can include inspection and cleaning, lubrication of moving parts, replacement of air filters, calibration of thermostats, and checking refrigerant levels.

Every spring, Evans recommends you call us for an AC maintenance tune-up on your. Much like preventative maintenance on your car, scheduled AC service offers many benefits, including:

  • Extended life of the air conditioning system and its components.
  • Identifying and stopping minor issues before they become major ones.
  • Increased efficiency that leads to lower costs to cool your home.

Not only will Evans perform this annual check-up for you, but we can add you to our Comfort Club, which offers additional discounts and benefits to our loyal customers!

When we perform air conditioning service, you can expect us to:

  • Check the fan, compressor and other parts, as well as their component parts for proper operation and signs of possible future troubles.
  • Clean away grime, dust and debris that can hinder your AC’s proper function.
  • Test all electrical connections to ensure they’re working properly.
  • Check the temperature output at the registers throughout the home.
  • Check the airflow from all of your vents to ensure good flow throughout the home.

Annual air conditioning tune-ups go a long way to ensuring your home comfort system lasts longer and performs better, so call Evans at (905) 354-4424 today to schedule your AC maintenance visit! With our emergency service and 100% satisfaction guarantee, Evans Heating & Cooling is the right company for all of your HVAC needs!

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