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Contemporary Fireplaces

Heat & Glo 6000 Modern
6000 Series Gas Fireplace

6000 Modern

28,000 BTU | 36" width

Perfect blend of flame and modern design elements. The 6000 Modern adds impressive impact to any room. A large firebox with clean, bold lines accents contemporary décor. Robust flames rising up through modern media deliver unmatched style and modern ambiance.

Heat & Glo COSMO SLR
Cosmo Gas Fireplace


26,000 BTU | 42" width

The Cosmo SLR delivers a strong, contemporary style and an impressive performance from such a slim, compact design. Design your favorite room to match your unique style.

Heat & Glo COSMO-32
Cosmo Gas Fireplace


20,000 BTU | 32" width

The Cosmo 32 delivers strong, contemporary style and impressive performance from a slim, compact design. Define your favorite room with unmatched style.

Heat & Glo Metro 32
Metro Gas Fireplace

Metro 32

21,000 BTU | 32" width

The Metro 32 features a contemporary design and shallow footprint for unique installation areas. Highlight both contemporary and transitional décor with this compact, efficient option.

Heat & Glo Soho
Soho Gas Fireplace


14,000 BTU | 26

Compact, reflective firebox highlights unique flames and modern media. A stunning, square studio front and shallow dimensions open up endless creative placements for the Soho. Think outside-the-box when contemplating installation options. This contemporary option enhances the elegance wherever it ends up.

Heat & Glo ZDVRB3622
Kingsman 36" Direct Vent


17,500 BTU | 36" width

The ultimate in Zero Clearance Direct Vent Fireplaces for new home construction or renovation, and your best choice for installation anywhere throughout your home.

Heat & Glo ZRB46
Kingsman 47" Direct Vent


23,250 BTU | 47" width

The ultimate in Zero Clearance Direct Vent Fireplaces for new home construction or renovation, and your best choice for installation anywhere throughout your home.

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Stylish, Modern Comfort in the Niagara Area With a Contemporary Fireplace

As any homeowner knows, how you style your home is key to feeling comfortable and happy at home. If your fireplace is out of sync with your aesthetic, it not only throws off the look of your living space but it also makes it harder to feel comfortable and cozy in your surroundings.

That’s where Evans Heating & Cooling comes in for the Niagara area. Whether you’re replacing an old, nonfunctioning fireplace or having a fireplace installed for the first time, we have a variety of sleek, modern options that will meet your contemporary aesthetic perfectly. Call (905) 354-4424 to schedule a showroom visit so you can see your options in person.

Why Choose A Contemporary Fireplace

If you want your home to look sophisticated and modern, a direct vent contemporary fireplace is the perfect solution. Get a stunning focal point that warms your space through generated heat and architectural beauty.

  • Sleek, modern design that looks great on any wall.
  • Provides heat to the room without becoming too hot for surrounding decor.
  • Direct venting allows for installation in any wall - no chimney needed.

Evans believes that you should never compromise performance for beauty. That’s why we only install contemporary fireplaces from trusted brands like Heat & Glo, Kingsman, Savannah and more. We want to ensure that your stylish new fireplace provides both form and function.

Why Choose Evans for Your Fireplace Needs

Family owned and operated in the Niagara area for over 50 years, we have built a reputation for excellence that you can count on. Our licensed gas technicians have the knowledge and training to guarantee that your modern fireplace installation will go smoothly and provide you with complete comfort.

Call us at (905) 354-4424 today to schedule a consultation. Or visit our showroom and see your options in person!