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Air Conditioning Repair

Fast AC Repair Services in the Niagara Region

Are you tired of strange noises coming from your air conditioning unit, like unexplained knocking or clicking? Does your thermostat perform poorly, leaving you in sweltering summer sweats? Does the AC seem to be turning on and off far more frequently than it should be? Do you have a broken AC that needs to be fixed now?

If you’ve had enough of these malfunctions and are ready to make a change, Evans Heating & Cooling can help! With over 50 years of direct, family-owned service in the Niagara area, Evans is the number one choice for repairing your air conditioning system. Regardless of your issue, let our friendly, licensed technicians take care of it for you.

Keeping You Comfortable Since 1967

Evans Heating & Cooling is ready and waiting to repair your air conditioning problem! Call (905) 354-4424 now to schedule your service appointment. We offer emergency service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have been keeping you cool since 1967!

AC Repair FAQs

Why is my air conditioner running but not cooling the house?

If your air conditioner is running but not cooling your home, it could be for a few reasons:

  • Clogged Air Filter - Make sure to change your air filter regularly. If you do not, it could clog the air circulation in your home. 
  • Dirty Outdoor Condenser - If your outdoor unit is covered in dirt and debris, the warm air that should be getting expelled from your home might be trapped inside.
  • Tripped Circuit Breaker - Sometimes the outdoor circuit for an AC will trip, causing the unit to keep running but not cool. If it continues to trip you will need to contact a technician. 
  • Thermostat set to ON  - If set to ON, an AC will blow constantly and not have the opportunity to perform a proper cooling cycle. ACs should be set to AUTO

If you have tried these steps but your unit is still blowing warm air, give Evans Heating & Cooling a call. We provide expert professional AC repair services at affordable prices. Contact us today for fast reliable service!

What causes an AC compressor to stop working?

A few common things that could cause an AC compressor to stop working include:

  • If the refrigerant level is low enough it could cause the system to overheat and your compressor to fail. 
  • A dirty condenser coil will make your system work harder and could overheat the compressor.
  • When lubricant levels are too low it can lead to serious issues, including compressor failure. 

Are you experiencing issues with your AC compressor? Contact Evans Heating & Cooling today for prompt expert service!

Where is the reset button on the air conditioning unit?

To find the reset button on your air conditioning unit, consult the instructions manual for its precise location. The button is usually

  • Red in color
  • Small in size
  • Marked clearly as a reset button
How do you properly clean the outside unit of your HVAC?

Cleaning the outside unit of your HVAC, also known as the condenser unit, is crucial for maintaining its efficiency and prolonging its lifespan. Here’s a step-by-step guide to properly clean it:

  1. Turn Off Power: Ensure safety by switching off the power to the unit at the breaker box or disconnecting it using the outdoor safety switch.
  2. Clear Debris: Remove any leaves, grass, or debris from around the unit. This includes trimming any foliage that may block airflow around the condenser.
  3. Clean the Fins: Remove the outer covers and use a soft brush or a vacuum with a brush attachment to gently clean the fins of dust and debris. Be careful not to bend the delicate fins.
  4. Straighten Bent Fins: If the fins are bent, carefully straighten them using a fin comb or a butter knife, as bent fins can restrict airflow.
  5. Wash the Coils: Using a garden hose, gently spray the coils from the inside out to flush out any embedded dirt. Avoid using a pressure washer as it can damage the fins.
  6. Clean Around the Unit: After cleaning the coils and fins, ensure the area around the HVAC unit is clear of debris and foliage to maintain good airflow.
  7. Check the Drainage: Ensure the drain line is clear from algae and blockages as it can affect the humidity levels and cooling efficiency of the system.
  8. Restore Power: Once everything is clean and intact, restore power to the unit.

Regular cleaning, ideally at the start and end of the cooling season, can help ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently. For detailed maintenance or if you encounter issues during cleaning, it’s advisable to contact a professional HVAC technician.

Signs You Need To Call Evans

  • Strange noises: knocks, jangles, hisses, whines, grinds and more.
  • Inadequate cooling: thermostat problems, fluid leaks, clogged airways and more.
  • Tripping breakers: overheating, dirty filters or coils, low coolant or malfunction.
  • Unexplained leaks: drip pan, pipes or other connections.
  • Foul smells: mildew, mustiness and burning metal.

Let Evans Heating & Cooling repair your air conditioning system today. We will diagnose the issue and give you an honest estimate of repair costs—no padding your bill with unnecessary charges!

Once your repair is completed, consider joining our Comfort Club to receive regularly schedule seasonal maintenance and prevent most future repairs.

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